Jennifer Nedeau was trained as a journalist and continues to share her writing, travel stories and opinion pieces on a wide range of subjects. Below are a few samples of her writing.

{Sharp Heels}

Enabling Women’s Success in Business


Lessons From A City Girl

{The Huffington Post}

It Is Time to Cover Turkey’s Media Crisis Before It Is Too Late

Border Crisis: How Will Turkey Support Over 1 Million Syrian Refugees?

{The New York Times}

Fighting the Non-Identity of Generation “Why”


Socialist Sanders Poised to Win a Senate Seat

{CARE2 FrogLoop}

How to Avoid the Elephant Stampede (And Other Crisis Communications Tips)

{Smart Blog on Social Media}

The power of location: Why Foursquare should be part of your digital-marketing strategy

Can social media save the radio star?

{Oxfam International}

Control Arms at the UN: What’s happening?

{Women In Media & News}

Why Women in Media Matter to the Future of Progressive Leadership


National Guard Sacrifices Hit Home

States say no to teen tanning

{Women’s Rights Blog at Change.org}

Nedeau launched the Women’s Rights blog at Change.org in 2008 and served as the editor until December 2009. She wrote daily blog posts related to politics, technology and social norms. She had interviews with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Gloria Feldt, Sheryl Wudunn, Ann Cashion and Anna Post, among others.